Bellingham, WA, US

Client Service/ Operations Manager

Onboarding and Growth Plan for Client Service and Operations Manager

Pre-employment: Have a current Series 65 license or study for and pass Series 65 exam within six weeks of execution of employment agreement. The Employee will begin employment upon passing the exam. Client will reimburse the cost of study materials and exam.

Phase 1 – Operations Learn support activities of an investment advisory business.

Study software systems, policies & procedures

Client service

· Manage new client onboarding paperwork – Disclosures, contract compilation and execution

· Open/modify/close accounts

· Transfer assets in/out

· Assist in the disbursement or deposits of cash

· Trade to generate cash or investing of new cash

· Periodic rebalancing of accounts which have high cash movement

· Assist clients with access to and usage of software systems

· Track client deposits to IRAs (make sure they max out contributions if they intend to, but don’t exceed


· Track clients required to take distributions from IRAs and make sure it happens by year-end

· Work with Schwab on alerts and problems with paperwork, forms and accounts

· Ensure accuracy and completeness of client data in systems

Regulatory Compliance

· Stay up to date on regulatory compliance requirements via websites, webinars and emailed


· Manage content of client contract templates

· Ensure all employees read Compliance Manual and sign the acknowledgement form

· Ensure employees take required training every year (e.g. cybersecurity, financial exploitation)

· Generate quarterly trade blotters

· Perform a weekly review of employee email for disallowed content

· Conduct a quarterly review of employee social media for disallowed content

· Check quarterly sampling of trade prices to ensure best pricing

· Ensure that all retirement accounts rolled from one to another by BCM have a prohibited transaction

exemption form signed by client

· Gather records of employee personal held-away trades each quarter and review for compliance with

trading policies.

· Text capture: gather employee text message exports, run formatting program and import to CRM.

Verify import results

· Distribute annual disclosure documents and privacy policy to all clients (client portal posting for most;

paper mail to paper-only clients)

HR & Benefits

· Track vacation, sick and Paid Family Leave time accrual/usage and communicate to CPA

· Ensure employee hours are reported, pull reports monthly


· Compile a quarterly report on purchases for which we didn’t pay sales tax and submit to CPA

The employee will begin Phase 2 activities when they demonstrate familiarity with and have a moderate understanding of the above tasks, the purpose of each activity, and is able to perform them with minimal assistance.

Phase 2 – Management Move into activities that are more strategic or sensitive or require deeper knowledge

Client service

· Monthly performance reporting – generate reports, post to client portal

· Monthly calculation of fees, generate invoices, and withdraw fees from client accounts

· Invoice for non-Schwab accounts and accounts that pay by check


· Calculate incentive pay for some employees and send to CPA

· Document accounts receivable every month and submit to CPA using details from billing cycle

· Create spreadsheet that captures all credit card charges and the category where they are reported

Regulatory Compliance

· Lead response to any exams by regulatory organizations such as SEC

· Renew company and individual registrations with SEC & FINRA every year

· Review and approve/disapprove marketing material/collateral/signage/website: review all for

regulatory compliance prior to publishing; capture and archive every version

· Write and maintain all Policies and Procedures. These are generally related to fraud prevention,

money handling, and keeping up with regulatory requirements. Ensure required training is completed

· Manage content of compliance manual

· Manage content of required disclosure documentation

· Refer more complex questions which require legal assistance or more advanced expertise to a

Compliance Consultant or Attorney, in consultation with the Partners


· Work closely with Cyber Security officer to ensure a robust program and employee training

· Serve as Subject Matter Expert and Administrator on all software, email, and hardware

· Lead selection of software, hardware and implement migration projects

Utilities, Insurance

· Manage cell phones, internet service

· Manage property, Cyber Security Errors and Omissions and life insurance policies

· Periodically look for opportunities to improve rates or terms of internet service, cell service, etc.

HR & Benefits

· Maintain a current knowledge of the requirements of WA Labor & Industries and Employment

Security Department (exempt employee pay, paid sick leave, paid family and medical leave,

Washington Cares)

· Take responsibility for researching and implementing any/all benefits

· Partner with management on job descriptions and employment contracts

· Stay apprised of and ensure compliance with all government-related benefits (unemployment,

disability, sick time, paid leave)

· Enter employee hours quarterly for Washington Required Benefits: ESD PFML, CARES, non-exempt

hours tracking

Salary to be reviewed at the end of the Operations phase, then at the end of each calendar year.

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