Internet Researcher

Kai Clarke

Kai Clarke


Kai is a self-proclaimed inquisitive oddball who has been scanning the internet for Craigslist freebies, interesting factoids, and current events for as long as he can remember, and now JSST pays him to focus his searches on banking. Ever efficient and frugal, he got an Associate’s degree in business through the running start program in his home city of West Seattle, and went on to finish a Business Administration degree with WWU right as he turned 20. He’s got a full house with a cat, a dog, a mouse, roommates, and a girlfriend. Kai chose Bellingham strategically; it’s the meeting point of a perfect mountain for snowboarding, great bodies of water to swim in, thrift stores with piles of treasure, and small venues that catch big artists on their West Coast tours.

He knows the importance of a well-maintained dataset coming from a background of customer service where many conversations revolved around interpreting details from a profile’s history. These escalated calls often involved negotiation between the customer and the final decisionmaker, so he doesn’t hesitate to bring up outside-the-box solutions and always keeps the wording in mind.

Don’t ask him about how he almost made us miss the only boat off the island on a company cruise!

Recent Placements:

  • Operations Service Manager Sacramento
  • Treasury Management Officer Spokane