Frequently asked questions

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transparent hiring experience.

  • Recruiters are able to match you up with their clients who do not have positions posted.
  • Good recruiters will listen to your needs and desires and match you up with opportunities that align with your priorities, rather than asking you to change your expectations for their client.
  • You can confidentially discuss salary and market trends.
  • You can confidentially explore opportunities.
  • You don’t have to apply online and wonder where your resume is going or if anyone is seeing it.
  • We are relationship focused and will be a source of insight without obligation.
  • We can take a no. We won’t get mad at you for turning us down. We won’t talk you into something you don’t want.
  • We help people get raises.
  • We will bring options to our candidates, rather than asking them to look at one job for one client.
  • We are transparent. We don’t hide bad news, red flags, or client feedback.
  • We have an excellent reputation and clients take our calls.
  • Looking at what’s available, our clients, and roles is free and can give you a point of comparison.
  • Our approach and our recruiters are unique; we are people with unique relationships and candidates. Not all recruiters are equal, nor do we all talk to the same companies.
  • Our process is robust, with many steps along the way that require a lot of time. Our team can bring more options faster than solo recruiters.  
  • Some recruiters simply share resumes. We do not.
  • Yes! We have clients with positions they don’t have posted, and often when we go to clients they create positions for the right people.
  • We only work with a limited number of clients in each market, so we can maintain companies to source from. Most of our business is from core clients who rely on us for industry insight and candidate introductions.
  • We will tell you who we don’t work for.
  • We will go through each bank in market and tell you who we think we can match you up with after spending time getting to know you.
  • We can tell you more about our full process in a live connect, but the short version is that we spend time getting to know our clients and hiring managers. We source candidates, prep and debrief on both sides, and pre-close. We recommend that candidates ask for improvement if a counter offer would entice them to stay. We clear numbers on both sides, celebrate both sides getting what they wanted, and stay in touch with both sides to ensure that everyone is happy.
  • We will spend time getting to know you, your priorities, your concerns, etc. We want to bring you the best possible position.
  • Getting information about other things out there can, at the very least, help you be confident you are in the right spot. You might learn that another company has better products, pricing, leadership, pay, processes, credit, growth opportunity, etc.
  • Yes! Send us an email or call us, and we can walk you through how to go about that. We don’t need to put you in front of our clients to achieve that.
  • Do you have time to market yourself while also working full time? You might not, but we do!
  • We can confidentially pitch your skills and abilities without disclosing your name or employer. We can come back to you with salary ranges, feedback, etc., without any risk.
  • We ask our clients to keep our conversation confidential.
  • We won’t share your resume without your permission.
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