Frequently asked questions

We offer experience driven consultation
and agile market representation.

  • Recruiters are able to match you up with their candidates who are currently employed and not out there applying for jobs.
  • Good recruiters will listen to your needs and desires and match you up with people who line up with your priorities, giving you several options of candidates to compare.
  • You can confidentially discuss industry insights and trends, and hear what is being said out on the market.
  • You can confidentially explore growth opportunities for the bank. We frequently bring teams or help start new departments.
  • We are relationship focused and will be a source of insight and candidates without obligation.
  • We can take a no. We won’t get mad at you for turning us down.
  • We are long established in banking and finance and know what is important. We understand the industries we work in.
  • We will bring candidates you may not have thought about looking at.
  • We are transparent. We don’t hide bad news, red flags, or candidate feedback.
  • Our proudest achievement is long-term stick. Our stick rate has been 85% over the last five year period.
  • We are focused on long-term relationships and have known some candidates for 15 years. We keep in mind what is important to them, and when we call, they answer. They know, like, and trust us.
  • We call people who are currently employed, not just people applying.
  • We can ask more direct questions of candidates than internal recruiters. When we ask questions, we are more likely to get real and honest answers, more so than ones they might give an employee of the bank.
  • We are able to talk broadly about banks in market and get feedback on our clients without discussing which client we are working with to fill roles .
  • We have been able to overcome objections of people regarding clients by digging into their perceptions and helping them understand our clients.
  • Many of our candidates are available to interview with a contingency fee, meaning you are under no obligation to hire through us. You only pay us IF you hire our candidate.
  • Looking at available talent is free and gives you a point of comparison.
  • Our approach and our recruiters are unique; we are people with unique relationships and candidates. Not all recruiters are equal, nor do we all talk to the same people.
  • Because our company has a robust team with industry expertise, when you hire through us, you ensure our recruiters don’t source from your company.
  • No. There are solo recruiters who have low overhead and may price themselves lower. Our approach involves a team, many high tech solutions and software, a proven process, and resources that allow us to move quickly and efficiently with lots of touch from our specialists. We can take on more.
  • Like our clients, who are rarely the lowest priced banks or companies in town, we too require a relationship and know we bring value equivalent to our fee or higher.
  • Our process is robust, with many steps along the way that require a lot of time. By the time we bring you someone, we’ve already invested hours into candidates and have made sure to dig into heavy subjects.
  • Some recruiters simply share resumes. They are cheaper.
  • Yes! Clients often tell us how they know everyone. It is not true. There are always transplants or more junior people from a different generation.
  • You might know everyone, but you aren’t likely to have a real time update on who is looking and who is unhappy.
  • We take care to make sure we only work with a limited number of clients in each market so we can maintain companies to source from. Most of our business is from core clients who rely on us for industry insight and candidate introductions.
  • We can tell you more about our full process in a live connect, but the short version is that we spend time getting to know our clients and hiring managers. We source candidates, prep and debrief on both sides, and pre-close. We recommend that candidates ask for improvement if a counter offer would entice them to stay. We clear numbers on both sides, celebrate both sides getting what they wanted, and stay in touch with both sides to ensure that everyone is happy.


  • Our guarantee varies with each client, but we have not had people fall off inside the guarantee period. We have replaced people outside of the guarantee period because it was the right thing for our client relationship and we care about doing a good job.
  • We can find people you can afford. Typically quality and cost correlate, but we can look for people who are underpaid, burnt out at their company, looking for a better work life balance, wanting part-time work or junior rolls, or those who are nearing retirement.
  • Great! So does everyone else, so be prepared to talk about career development and advancement.
  • This level of candidate is most likely to accept a counter offer. They are bright eyed and bushy tailed, and they haven’t been left disappointed by unfulfilled promises.
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