Our Story

The Power of Lasting Connections:
Building Bridges in Business

Generations of Empowered Women

The story of Julison Sell Search Team began a couple of generations before Amanda Sell-Sande opened her firm. Her great grandmother was a business owner, manager, and career woman, who raised Amanda’s grandmother, Rae, to be direct and compete with men in business, even if she didn’t have the opportunity to go to college for anything other than occupations traditionally held by women, like nursing, teaching, or secretarial work. Rae often out-earned her engineer husband and rose to great heights in shipping and logistics. The next generation, Amanda’s aunt, also found success in business ownership. All of these bold women inspired Amanda, and the “Julison” in Julison Sell Search Team is a dedication to the women on the maternal side of her family, recognizing all of the guidance, inspiration, and direct feedback that helped her in business.

Amanda had finished graduate school in Organizational Leadership and Human Resources and wasn’t sure where her career would take her. After being recruited by a recruiting firm, she took tests and spent hours interviewing and was told, “You are highly extroverted, a non-conformist, impatient, and aggressive, and we want you. If you do what you are told and don’t fight the system, you will succeed.” She grew a high performing team and after eight years with her employer decided it was time to open her own shop.

Julison Sell Search Team was founded on core principles of transparency and a spirit of generosity. The business opened six weeks after two new babies were born to moms on the team. During the first years of business, there were babies everywhere, with nannies in tow. The balance of being a working mom is difficult, and JSST sought be a business where women weren’t neglecting their families, their real reason for being. The nap pod was a priority in the renovation of their office building. Sometimes, people just need a snack and a nap to turn things around.

Julison Sell Search Team is passionate about people, celebrates grit, and is extremely relationship-focused. Much of our business is from core clients that come back to us, over and over. Our candidates stay for much longer periods of time, with a heavy portion of them not having left where we placed them 15 years ago.