Facilitating connections. Growing
institutions. Focused on the people.

Dynamic banking and
finance recruitment solutions

At Julison Sell Search Team, we partner with companies of all sizes—Fortune 500 corporations to start-up ventures—working to find those professionals with the experience and drive to fulfill the corporate finance, corporate development, tax, treasury, audit, accounting, private equity, M&A, and other specialized talent and leadership needs. Our firm helps businesses and professionals come together through a deeply personal, collaborative and transparent process that impacts financial institutions through meaningful action that improves communities and elevates lives.

We serve the banking and finance industry by offering an intensely personal approach to talent acquisition, working to find bespoke hiring solutions that match your institution’s objectives exactly. From accountants, auditors, bankers and analysts to presidents, CFOs and CEOs, we serve every level of organizational development, finding the people vital to your continued financial growth and success.

Service defined by conviction

We don’t just build teams, keep companies competitive, and get professionals where they can create the greatest impact on the financial setting. Our banking and finance recruitment professionals elevate businesses and in-turn elevate professionals through a hiring process designed to create productive, dynamic and diverse workforces and working environments agile enough to succeed in the face of any future challenges.

Our firm’s mission is enhanced by our commitment to women in the workplace—empowering them, elevating them, and giving them a professional that can be heard and make a real difference.