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Amanda Sell-Sande CSM

Amanda Sell-Sande CSM


Amanda had finished graduate school in Organizational Leadership and Human Resources and spent a year running an industrial staffing firm, where she had turned it from a bottom performing branch to a top performing branch, when she was approached by a recruiting firm. She took tests and spent hours interviewing and was told, “You are highly extroverted, a non-conformist, impatient, and aggressive, and we want you. If you do what you are told and don’t fight the system, you will succeed.” She went on to break records and rank #1 in the Western Region and #4 globally in her rookie year and had no idea she was in a recession.

She grew a high performing team and after eight years with her employer decided it was time to open her own shop. She also decided that she should have a baby join her at the same time, because overachieving is her thing.

They all survived the first year, and you will likely find her quizzing people about their Myers Briggs typology, lying in bed at night thinking of what candidates fit with which companies and why, and finding a reason to celebrate or throw a party on a regular basis. Quarantine was very hard for this extrovert. She has an introverted husband who builds and renovates their properties and for work, a smart and sassy stepdaughter who wears black and wont’ come out of her room, a sweet and outdoorsy adopted daughter who wants to live alone in the woods, a loud and loving red headed six year old son who doesn’t hesitate to tell anyone who tries to control him that they “hurt his feelings!” When Amanda became legally responsible for other humans, she learned to cook, and now she enjoys it. She has been baking since she was seven, unsupervised. The family spends their time vacationing, entertaining company, cooking and baking, painting, and working on decorating or remodeling. Don’t ask about their house.